In search of God

Monday, 13th December 2010

A lot of concentration is wasted on nefarious thoughts. Thoughts that are going nowhere, giving nothing back in return, in return for all of the energy put into them. But it does not matter I hear you say, we all have them and are happy to have them as long as they don’t take over our lives. But what if they do take over our lives, paralyse us, stop us from doing what we came here to Earth to do? That would be a problem, more serious, so it is on a lighter note that I leave you with this thought.

What is the dream of every individual living on Earth?

that’s all for today folks.

Note. (I hope this does n’t come across as preaching. It isn’t. It comes from the heart and my only reason for sharing it is that it might help someone else besides me.) Thanks.

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