In search of God

Saturday, 11th December 2010

It is not always necessary to be perfect, what is perfection anyway, anyhow, I hear you say. Yes, no? Perfection is a state of being that applies to humans only in their minds, they think about it but they cannot know it. It does not work like that. If they want to become more perfect in their lives, that is fine, but in reality this will, may not, help them very much when they get to the Divine world. You see all that happens in Heaven is a mystery to human beings. That is why they started the mystery schools, to teach people the mysteries of life and living on Earth and in the Divine world. But you see it is not so simple, the Divine world expects more from humans – that they expect sincerely. Love, truth, care, carefulness, care of others, in fact all of the virtues we understand as virtues but which we find it so difficult to put into practice.

that’s all for today folks

Note. (I hope this does n’t come across as preaching. It isn’t. It comes from the heart and my only reason for sharing it is that it might help someone else besides me.) Thanks.

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