In search of God

Friday, 10th December 2010

Do you ever wake up in the morning humming a song? I do, Maggie May this morning, by Mr Rod Stewart. Funny that we call him “Mr” now that he is famous and respectable – when he wrote the song he was not like that, he was brash, coarse even, but lovable all the same. He had a way of doing things that we liked at the time. It was a way of doing things that was popular because that is the way we secretly would have liked to live. The money, the girls, the fast cars, the football? But what became of it? What was it really all about? Appearances I hear you say and that is right. It was glorious appearances for public consumption not private enjoyment because public show and private emotion, innermost feelings, are two separate things and when you look at many pop stars you wonder why they could n’t have been happier in their lives, after all, they had everything did n’t they? Or did they? Maybe not. Maybe the simple woman tilling the soil in Africa has more in her life than a pop superstar in the West? Ridiculous I hear you say and it is ridiculous is n’t it?

That’s all folks

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