In search of God – An Adventure

When Jesus came to Earth last time there was such a hullabaloo about him being here. There were many people against him, against his presence here and that all spilled over into factional conflicts all over Palestine and the Holy Land. What then did become of it, was the purpose of it? Not much I hear you say, which is right in a way, not much did come of it at the time of Jesus’ life on Earth. It was too soon, more had to happen in the interim, in the meantime. All we can say for sure is that Jesus made a remarkable change to, in, the world, and so without him things on Earth would have been very different. But what of the future, what does that hold? Well we don’t know, we only know what we have today and if that is a guide to tomorrow, then it does not look too good, because what we are doing is repeating what we have always done. Looking at the past through rose tinted spectacles and extrapolating the future based on that experience. This will not do, help us at all in future. The past is dead and so is our future if we do not wake up now and start doing something useful, positive, for humanity and the world.

that’s all folks, love, stephen

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One Response to In search of God – An Adventure

  1. Jesus was born as an infant from the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. It was the first time, not the last time. The hullabaloo was the son of god was born and people celebrated his birth. He was our Lord and Savior. Three kings came from afar bringing gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Jesus died for our sins so the possibility of being able to join him in heaven exists for all mankind. No one on earth can know what our future will be, can be or should be. We can hope for the best and try to prepare for the worst. Faith is what is needed in our hearts, mind and souls.
    Amen, David

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