In search of God – An Adventure

Thursday, 25th November 2010

To dream the impossible dream was a great song from the 1960’s. It said it all. To dream a dream and fulfil it, what could be better than that I hear you say and what could? It all comes down to perception again. Perception of what we are capable of as individuals. As individuals we are capable of something special within our own terms of reference, not other people’s terms of reference. That they don’t count is obvious when you think about it really. If we want to go along with the flow of life, misery, whatever it is that you want to incorporate in your life, then that is fine. It is what you want to do, what you really want to do above all else that matters, and when you do that life gets so much simpler. That’s all for today folks.

Note. (I hope this does n’t come across as preaching. It isn’t. It comes from the heart and my only reason for sharing it is that it might help someone else besides me.) Thanks.

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