In search of God – An Adventure

Wednesday, 24th November 2010

When the 1970’s was over, what was there left for mankind? Not much I hear you say. Yes, no? It depends on your perspective on life. If you think life is good, your perspective, there is lots left for the world. If your perspective is narrow, depressive, then not much. But what really matters is not what you think about the world, but what you think about yourself. That way you are making your contribution to the world fully. Most people sit back and wait for somebody, someone else to do the work, thinking that I can’t do anything myself. I’m too small, too insignificant to do anything worthwhile. But they are wrong. We are all significant in our own special way, always have been and always will be. Just because we did n’t come to Earth as Jesus, a saint or even a sinner, it does n’t matter that we can’t find our way. That was the reason we were sent here in the first place, to find our way. It is a natural process for human beings to find their way in life and when they do it with joy and enthusiasm, they have a great time. When they do it grudgingly, with sadness in their heart, it becomes a nightmare of their making. It really does become a baptism of fire that only they can correct and when they do correct, they will feel all of the benefits of a loving God that never deserts in our time of need, peril, sadness or fear. He is always there supporting, forever and a day.

Thank you Lord. Amen.

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