Sunday 21st November 2010

The greatest passion of the 1970’s was rock music; couldn’t have got, been, any better for me; it was rocking in style, lots of glitzy rockers all strutting their stuff to the accompaniment of loud guitars and drums. Drums have an important place in the history of mankind, so it was interesting that young people decided to make their music loud, very loud, in the pop, youth culture of that time. Were they trying to get back to something primeval, primordial, deep within their bodies, or was it just simply having a good time at the expense of the old fogies who still inhabited the planet and were constantly telling them to stay quiet? Well it did n’t work; the young ones made their noise at the expense of the old and the old resented them for it; for one thing that they had learnt was that enthusiasm was the prevail of the young; something the old had once had, but over time it had mellowed even soured for some, and this led them to become controlling and arrogant in the extreme, which did no one any good. Well that’s all folks.

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